Merete Van Kamp, was born in Kolding, Denmark, she started out as a Fashion-Beauty Modelwith Johnny Casablanca with Model management, in Paris, France, after a few years, she travel led to USA, where she quickly became a TOP-model with Elite in Los Angeles, where inside of two years she was chosen over 700 actresses to play the part of Princess Daisy, a multi million Dolla Mini-series,based on a Judith Krantz best seller Novel, with a star studded cast, like Ringo Star,Barbra Bach, Rupert Everett, Robert Urich, Paul Michael Glaser, Claudia Cardinale,Stacy Keach, Sara Thomsen, Jim Metzler,Lindsey Wagner, Alexa Kenin, Lysette Anthony, Hildy Brooks,Nicolas Koster, Sal Viscoso, Bill Santoro etc etc, there after she went to to become a regular cast member of Dallas, she even made an album with Rick James producing the music, and Frank Langolff produced the other songs on the album Pleasure and Pain, Merete Van Kamp, was both under contract with WTG, LA and EMI France, I Cant Wait produced by Rick James was released in Paris France..after years in La Merete Van kamp went back to live in Paris France, one of her latest films is Murders of Westbrick, an American-Danish production, Merete Van kamp, has one son Gregory Roman Friederich, where Roman Polanski, is the godfather baptized at The American church in Pais Fance. Merete van Kamp, is today a member of Syndicate Francais Des artistes, and a model with Silver.

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