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The Van Kamp Studio has been founded by Merete Van Kamp. As a successful actress in Hollywood, she decided to share her experience with actors and actresses, professionals or beginners.

The Van Kamp Studio provides services for everyone looking to improve their acting skills by offering:

Acting Class for both beginners and professionnals

A lookout-Casting for an upcoming pilot series

An innovating process to become the best actor / actress you can be

Acting class

30EUR - 3hours every Thrusday from 7 to 10 p.m.

This Quadrouble Acting Casting Class - is for both beginners and professionnals. Actress Merete Van Kamp, will use all her personal acting experience, having studied with Hollywoods finest acting coaches-Peggy Feurey, Stella Adler, Anna Strassberg, Robert Easton-dialect coach, Robert Edwards, voice coach and Ivanna Chubbucks personal Masterclass for over a decade. The actors will be taught both the 12- Step Technique -'' The Power of the actor'' mixed in with Stella Adler Academy exercises and techniques- and an added splash of Method acting techniques- Actors will be paired up, scene partners and will work on a scene; perform it at class, and receive direction on how to improve their acting-This class is also effective for individuals that seek to improve their self expression. More details

Do you want to master your craft as an ACTOR-ACTRESS- then you will want to be in this class, as this is THE REAL THING. See pictures

This class will also serve as a casting session for the upcoming pilot,''The Apartment'' Producer, Writer, Actress - Merete Van Kamp

Private lessons

50EUR - 90 min private coaching for an entire role on show

50EUR - 90 min Private lesson for accent reduction

40EUR - 1h Private Acting lessons for audition

(The lessons above are also possible using Skype)

Headshots, fulllength, different looks- by Photographer Jean-Jacques Bugat offered to group at affordable price 50EUR

Movie production

The Apartment - director, Producer: Stefano Gonzales-Producer-Writer-Actress: Merete Van Kamp-


Merete Van Kamp, was born in Kolding, Denmark, she started out as a Fashion-Beauty Modelwith Johnny Casablanca with Model management, in Paris, France, after a few years, she travel led to USA, where she quickly became a TOP-model with Elite in Los Angeles, where inside of two years she was chosen over 700 actresses to play the part of Princess Daisy, a multi million Dolla Mini-series,based on a Judith Krantz best seller Novel... read more


For the full filmography, see IMDb


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Photo album classes

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