Merete Van Kamp, YOUR ACTING COACH IN Paris

Discover the personality behind The Van Kamp Studio! Merete Van Kamp is a Danish actress, model, producer, director and screenwriter. .Merete Van Kamp  offers an innovative Development of an Actor -ongoing  per measure  of your needs training program to make you the actor a lethal instrument of the craft of acting.

Merete Van Kamp


After a modelling career that carried her to the United States,  she found success in America Television by landing the starring role in ‘Princess Daisy’, a block buster mini-series, Merete Van Kamp became a regular in the series ‘Dallas’. Hotel Remington Steele She did several feature films The Osterman Weekend You Cant Hurry Love Mission Kill Lethal Woman etc  she even released an album and single I can't wait produced by Rick James and Frank Langolff entitled ‘Pleasure and Pain’. Merete was then under contract with WTG, LA and EMI France.

After several years in Los Angeles, Merete decided to return to Paris to finish writing the manuscript of a 10-episode TV series set in Paris.

Development of an actor

The Van Kamp Studio  develops select new talent. By joining this innovative structure, you will find the keys to pursuing your dreams to become the best actor or actress you can be.

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